February 24, 2012

Vintage Books

I love to buy books and especially for our little daughter. I love vintage books because I love the idea that they already had a life and raised some other kids before, and I also like the drawings a lot more than what you can find today in the mainstream stuff.
Here are some of the books I bought lately: a lot of them are only with pictures.
I also buy some with stories, like this amazing "Weihnachtsmann vom Sputnikhaus" (meaning "Santa Claus from the Sputnik") that was printed in the former GDR.
And I bought this book named "der Struwwelpeter" (that I don't know how to translate) which is a huge classical here in Germany and which is a book of horor stories that happen to naughty children. This one I think I will wait that she's a bit older...
Have a nice day!

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