March 28, 2011

Week End Findings!

Hey hey! Here are my findings from yesterday!
A foldable kid's beach chair, a GDR tea pot and it's 3 plates, a metal industrial box, 2 collectible pottery wall plaques designed by Björn Wiinblad for Nymolle and the whole Little Red Riding Hood story!
Coming soon in our Etsy shop!!

March 21, 2011

Week End Findings

Look what i found yesterday! I must say i'm really happy. These will be soon in the shop.. i have to fight with myself not to keep them all for our home...
3 West German potteries, an East German vase, a wooden box, an orange fish, a toadstool, an advertising metal tin, a parfum spray bottle and a ceramic wall clock.

March 20, 2011


Don’t forget today is the last day for our opening sale
20% off on all items
until tonight midnight (Berlin, Europe time)
coupon code: GRANDOPENING

Color: Black

I love to make those little patchworks! Today a very industrial one.
All the things on this picture are not (yet!) in öppning's etsy shop :)

March 16, 2011

Treasure n°2

Let me introduce you to Telma, Louise and Gunther.
I love these two hat displays, dating form the 1970's and made of plastic. I found them on a fleemarket in Paris ten years ago. They look so cute and so mischievous: they look like they're preparing some kind of practical joke against this poor Gunther.

March 13, 2011

March 10, 2011

Colour: Red

Really i promise i didn't do it on purpose; but lately i've been purchasing a lot of red stuff... My brain works in mysterious ways...

March 9, 2011

DIY: taking care of a basket or wicker chair

Deap cleaning:
1 - remove dust with a vacuum cleaner
2 - rub with a soft brush
3 - clean with a sponge and a mixture of soapy water and a spoonful of ammonia
4 - rinse
5 - leave to dry away from sun / heat

Wicker becomes grayish or darker in the sun. Restoring the original color: 
1 - with a sponge apply a mixture of water, lemon and salt
2 - leave for a few hours
3 - rinse
4 - leave to dry away from sun
/ heat

March 7, 2011

Colours: White & Green

Did you notice that we have been collecting a lot of green and white objects lately?


This is a vintage lampshade I bought last week because i loved it's romantic and grandma's look.
I restored it this morning with some pastel pink gingham and funny doted tulle.  I like it's new look and i think i'm going to do this more often!

March 6, 2011

Week End Findings!

Well yesterday's treasure hunting was great ! Look what I caught ! Ten new objects that will be soon in öppning's etsy shop !
I also found a green glass bowl, a japanese brown mug and a little japanese vase/statue of a child holding a pot. I love those three so much i decided to keep them for our home.

March 4, 2011

Grand Opening Sale !

Enjoy our Grand Opening Sale of our Etsy Shop !!! 20% off on all items !

Treasure n°1

From time to time we will show you one of the vintage treasures we have hat home. You won't find these objects in our shop (except if we find a second one), we love them too much to let them go! We enjoy using them but also contemplating them. We like the idea of these objects having had a fulfilling life before coming into ours. Especially when these objects are much older than us.
Today let us introduce our coffee machine : a vintage Krups coffee machine which works perfectly and makes coffee just as strong as we like it !

March 2, 2011

Berlin Wall

A part of The Wall (the one which was parting Berlin in 2 different worlds until 1989) still exists and was recently restored. That means cleaned and repainted by the original artists.
It is great to think that now it will last even longer, but also very sad to think that is is not really the original wall anymore.
I liked better the wall when is was all scratched and graffited, with its scars it looked even more amazing to me.