February 16, 2012

Back in the days!

I had so much fun to make the pictures to sell the Barbie clothing stuff... it felt just like back in the days :)
Loved it really!
Check them out in the "Toys" section of our shop! Hope it will remind you of nice memories!


Emily said...

I so love this!!! Your photos are great! I wish I had a Barbie to dress up!

Your vesties teammate, Emily

öppning said...

Hi Emily!
Thanks for the compliment! It was the best excuse to play with a barbie again :)

reveriefrance said...

I had a Barbie and her friend Midge growing up. It sure brings back memeories! Thanks for sharing your collection. I found you through VL team and now following:)

öppning said...

Hi Michelle! Thank you so much for your nice comment! This time travel was really a lot of fun for me. I highly recommend it :)