June 30, 2011

Summer rain

Like a break in this hot summer we have here in Berlin, today was rainy. So we stayed home and went outside for a short time, just to go to the post office. On the way we passed some really cool vintage cars and took some pictures.


June 29, 2011


Here is a treasury made by Melinda. I love all of the items she picked, as if i had made it myself!
Thank you so much Melinda!

June 15, 2011

Week end Findings: Furniture

So here are the finds of the beginning of the week: a doll house's furniture! It was a lot of fun for me to take the pictures, i also made the little pillows with some vintage fabrics i had at home.
Everything is in such a great condition, it is also such an adorable work with lots of details: did you notice the drawers in the kitchen's dresser, the wood in the fireplace and the books on the bookshelf?
The all set is from the 1950 made in GRD and will be soon in the shop! Stay tuned!!!

June 5, 2011

Babyramen is making a giveaway!

Babyramen is a deco blog written by Hanne who's living in Norway. I always go and have a look there because she has a lovely home decorated with scandinavian and japanese influences.
I share with her the love of Japan, old fashioned granny square blankets (i'm making one i'll tell you more about in a while) and Paumes books!
She's making a give away from a product of her shop (see picture above). If i were you i would definitely check it out!!!

June 1, 2011

öppning's first newsletter !

We just sent our very first newsletter ! Have a look !
And, as promised, here is the coupon code for all our followers, fans and members: 15FORFANS
(15% off on every item from our Etsy shop untill june the 15th)

Get to know each other

 Welcome to our very first newsletter! As promised and only for members, here is the coupon code for 15% off on every item in the shop, available from the 1st to the 15th of June: '15FORFANS'
Our networks of newsletter, blog and facebook fan page are a way for us to build a privileged relationship with you.
Feel free to make any suggestions, or comments:
what do you want to read about on our blog?
what vintage items you are looking for?
what you feel is missing in our shop?
And the coupon code is just for starters. Coming soon: some giveaways, guess games with a reward for the winner and plenty of other goodies!
So, take your coupon code and start browsing our shop!

Let's introduce ourselves

We are Caroline and Olivier, a French couple living in Berlin, with our baby girl. We have a passion for vintage objects and architecture since, and very recently we decided to open our brand new vintage shop on Etsy: Öppning.
Three years ago, we used to live in Paris, and we both had good, but unsatisfying office jobs. Both of us also had a passion on the side. And we shared a dream: making our passions become our everyday jobs.
One day we had the crazy idea of quitting our jobs. We moved to Berlin after falling in love with this amazing city full of history. And we started our businesses:
Olivier is a film music composer (http://www.ogmusik.com/) and Caroline is a full time crafter (http://www.excusemy.fr/).
We were soon to realize that Berlin was a vintage Paradise, and that we could satisfy our other common passion: vintage!


Stay tuned and join our blog, our fan page, or our twitter