February 28, 2012

Saint Patrick

Saint Patrick's Day is coming soon (March 17th) and we are ready :)
Check out our Saint Patrick's Day section in the shop!
By the way did you notice the little fake moss covered stones I found? I love them, I think they add a very Miyazaki charm to the pictures. Hayao Miyazaki is one of my favorite film makers.
Have a lovely day!

February 26, 2012

New Home

We sold this Opening Hours Board a few weeks ago. It is now fullfilling its original purpose on the door of a beautifull home decor and design shop in Hong Kong!
Thank you A. it makes me smile thinking about it.
Have a nice day!

February 24, 2012

Vintage Books

I love to buy books and especially for our little daughter. I love vintage books because I love the idea that they already had a life and raised some other kids before, and I also like the drawings a lot more than what you can find today in the mainstream stuff.
Here are some of the books I bought lately: a lot of them are only with pictures.
I also buy some with stories, like this amazing "Weihnachtsmann vom Sputnikhaus" (meaning "Santa Claus from the Sputnik") that was printed in the former GDR.
And I bought this book named "der Struwwelpeter" (that I don't know how to translate) which is a huge classical here in Germany and which is a book of horor stories that happen to naughty children. This one I think I will wait that she's a bit older...
Have a nice day!

February 22, 2012

öppning's first Birthday giveaway: and the winner is...

As you may already know, our vintage shop öppning is celebrating it's first year on Etsy ! And as you may also know we organized a giveaway to win a 20 euro gift certificate for the occasion. Participation is now closed and it's time to discover the lucky winner !!! YAY !
And the winner is... (drum roll)...  
Larisa Lopez Feliciano !!
Congratulations !!!
(We will contact you very shortly).
Here is how the draw took place (made by the innocent hand of the house our 18 months old little daughter):
Many thanks to everybody who participated, we enjoyed the whole experience and we appreciated all of your nice comments very much !
And stay tuned for our next giveaways, sales and other events !
Caroline & Olivier

February 18, 2012

New Home

We sold this cool Vintage Rheinmetall Typewritter a few days ago. It left Berlin and landed in Lisboa (Portugal) to find its new home.
We love to know that our customers are happy with their purchases at öppning :)
And we love it even more when they are so kind to send us a picture of their item in its new home!
Look how proud the typewriter looks now!!! Thank you so much J. !!!

February 16, 2012

Back in the days!

I had so much fun to make the pictures to sell the Barbie clothing stuff... it felt just like back in the days :)
Loved it really!
Check them out in the "Toys" section of our shop! Hope it will remind you of nice memories!

February 14, 2012

Week End Findings

Here are the findings i made last week end. The whole collection looks really wintry.
Two wonderfull vases (one from VEB Töpferhof Römhild and one from Piesche and Reif), salad servers and bottle openers, a candle holder and 2 cups made in GDR, wooden and wicker dishes and a salt shaker.
All very soon in the shop!
Have a nice day!

Don't forget to like our facebook page and comment the post about our 1st anniversary to win a 20 EURO gift certificate !

February 10, 2012

We are celebrating our 1st Birthday soon!

On February the 21st, öppning will celebrate:
For this occasion we are organising a raffle to win a 20 euros gift certificate to use in our Etsy shop. All you have to do is like our facebookpage, and comment the post.
The raffle starts now and will end on February the 21st at midnight EST USA.
The 20 euro gift certificate include shipping costs. If you purchase an item that costs less than 20 euros (including shipping costs) we will not pay you the difference.
Have a look at our shop and see what you could get if you are the lucky winner !
Hurry hurry here: http://www.facebook.com/oppningshop


Here is the lamp I bought for our home: it's a seventies wooden lamp and it's height can be adjust as wished. I love the very cosy light that it makes at night.
Also pictures of our 2 mascottes:

February 3, 2012


One of the joys of Berlin is that the city is covered with snow in winter. This year we bought a sled and we couldn't wait for the snow to come... but it wouldn't :(
Last night finally it came: 5 centimeters are not much but it was enough to delight us!
It was the occasion to change the banner of our Etsy shop and blog, hope you like it!
Have a nice winter :)