April 26, 2011

Week End Findings

This long week end was great, spent with friends, making barbecues, splendid weather,...
and some nice catches: an Inka Scheurich vase, a wooden filing box, a fantastic Haldensleben white and black vase, a hanger covered in knitting, a  leather cigar etui, an advertising tin for 'Tip Top' brand, a wooden box, 3 ancient metal boxes from a bank, 3 cups with plates from the GDR, a green metal box and a ceramic hedgehog.

April 17, 2011

Week End Findings

So here are the things i found this WE: a faux-leather white vintage purse from the 1960's, a white and green arrow sign, a Jasba West German Pottery, 2 leather Lens Etui/Purses, an enamel black and blue little pot and 2 framed Edelweiss bouquets. No need to say i can't wait putting them in the Etsy shop (although i would love to keep the cpottery, the white bag and a lens etui for myself, but Olivier would rather not!)

April 13, 2011

Week End Findings in France

Here are the findings i made in Lyon and Paris during last week we spent there.
A green necklace, salt and pepper fruits, a clock with a singing bird, an advertising tin, a coffee maker, a French board game, a vintage mickey mouse, 2 porcelain birds, a sugar pot, a tupperware lemonade pot, a book shaped box. All will be soon in our Etsy shop!
I also made some pictures of all the things you picture when thinking of France:

April 1, 2011


Ines featured our shop on her blog! She wrote a lovely article about us (in German AND English!). She is actually a talented crafter (and mom!) and with some crafter friends she has a label for handmade treasures made of fabric and paper. You dont' need to speak German to take a sneak peak to her etsy shop HERE !!!