May 31, 2012

Today's encounters that made me smile

Lame stool
 Some aliens waiting that Intersoup opens
 In the May 1968 demonstrations in France, one of the mottos was 'there is a beach under the cobblestones' (meaning 'beneath the harsh reality lies a brighter tomorrow'). I discovered that there actually is a beach under the cobblestones in Berlin!
'Café Wunderbar' meaning 'Coffee Wonderfull'

Have a great day!

May 30, 2012

Café Centrale

This is a little café close to where we live. It once was called 'Café Centrale' and for us it still is. It changed a few time of owner, and each time it was redecorated. It is a lot more sophisticated than how it used to be when we arrived in Berlin, but we quite like it: vintage leather coach and armchairs, vintage paper on the wall, vintage typicall Berlin runiture outside.
Have a nice day!

May 21, 2012

Week End Findings

So here are the things found last week end!!
Have a very nice week!

May 19, 2012

New Home

The idea of this recurring topic is to show items from our shop, that we have sold, in there you home. It's really exciting for us to have a glimpse of their new life and environment, somewhere on the Globe. And our customers are really kind to play along and send us some pictures. They are very talented too!

This time this vintage industrial balance ended up at L.'s place, a very nice and passionate customer. She lives in New Orleans and, as you can see, she has a thing for balances :)
You may notice the amazing green china cabinet which seems to be displaying lot's of incredible treasures!

End of our Mothers Day GIVEAWAY !

And the winners are :
and Jessica Mancuso:

Let's congratulate them ! They both won a 10 Euro gift certificate to use in our vintage shop öppning:

We can't wait to see what they choose to use it on !

The giveaway took place on our facebook page:
We also would like to thank everybody who participated. There will be other chances, promise !

May 8, 2012

A Berlin Interior

Here are some pieces of furniture and home decor typical from our lovely city of Berlin. Have a great week!

May 4, 2012

French Lucky Charm

Last week end was a big four days week end and we spent time chilling out. It was May the 1st which is the French labor day and the only day in the year when every French person (even kids) can sell flowers on the street, and not any flower but Lily of the valley. Every one in France buys these on this special occasion as it is also considered as a lucky charm. And it smells lovely..
You cannot find them so easily here in Berlin, I mean on the exact May the 1st. But I found some today and could not resist bringing some home.
Have a great week end!