September 2, 2014


the green shades are fading, replaced by yellows.. sigh
on these pictures you can see the Schiller Park.
Friedrich Schiller was a was a german poet, philosopher, historian, and playwright who said: "happy he who learns to bear what he cannot change".

September 1, 2014

from today

i didn't have time to take pictures of my week end findings today.. but here are some pictures of what grabbed my attention: an old flyer looking at me, the entry of a building looking very much like out of alice in wonderland and an old citroen ds in a stunning shape :)

August 31, 2014

costumes designer studio

today afternoon i had the pleasure to visit the studio of a costumes designer. she has got all kinds of mannequins, hat forms, some vintage sewing machines and treasure boxes.

August 29, 2014

sleeping beauty

i encountered this bike this morning, all covered with climbing plant, looking like it belongs to Sleeping Beauty... the second picture is a view of our tube station in the 50's: it looks totally sweet with the little shops around. now we have a shopping mall instead.

August 27, 2014

from today

today was very pastel coloured: a yellow beatle and a nice sundown.. days are getting shorter.
and browsing my pictures on my computer i found this picture of a wonderfull vintage carousel.

August 26, 2014


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week end findings [2]

here is the second part of the findings of last week end: some nice vintage luggage, a lovely pair of bedside lamps, a lemon squeezer, glass plates, sturdy padlocks.
i also moved the furniture (again) in my studio, and decided to associate this lovely book sheves with my danish chest of drawers. and last picture is a little gift for a very sweet friend.