September 3, 2012

Week End Findings

Here are the findings I made this week end. It was such a pleasure to go on the fleemarket! Not just because of the amazing items I found, but also because the weather was so nice! It was exactly the same weather as when we first came to Berlin 5 years ago, when we fell in love with this city: an incredibly blue sky with some chubby white clouds and a light breeze.
I also made some great encounters on the fleemarket. The people there were in such a good mood, I guess we all take it easy for the Indian summer.

(click on the picture to enlarge)

1. Beautifull vases by manufacturer Scheurich,
2. Danish teak candle holders,
4. Arabia Finland dishes and gravy boat,
6. salt and peper shakers,
8. an amazing teak wood handcarved hand clenching the thumb.
Check out the shop if you wish to purchase them!

In German there is this expression "die Daume drücken", which means "to clench the thumb". Because here in Germany to bring luck we don't cross fingers, we clench our thumb :) So this hand is basically a lucky charm!

I clench my thumb for us all to have a great week!

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