August 6, 2012

Ivan Lackovic-Croata

Today is the start of the new school year for our daughter, and also the end of summer vacations. So we are in fine shape and happy to be back to work!
During the vacation i posted about our latest Newcomer at home? Remember?

I just found four prints of Ivan Lackovic-Croata, this artist I love, representing the four seasons. The prints are framed and signed. And they are now in the shop :)
Have a great week!


Niki MyScandinavianHome said...

These are lovely! I must pop by and take a look at your shop (and will keep an eye out for these arriving soon - thanks for the tip!).

Anonymous said...

are these for sale

öppning said...

hi! not anymore, they are sold.

Alicia Gordo Gonzalez said...


Could get more prints by this artist? I'm pretty interested.
thank you very much