July 12, 2012

Newcomer at home

Here is the newest addition to our home: a lovely framed reproduction of a painting. It represents a bush of forget-me-not flowers.

I didn't know when I bought it, that it is from a famous painter, I just loved it at first sight.
It is called "Four season: Spring" and is from Croatian naive painter Ivan Lackovic-Croata and his works are in private and museum collections all around the world. 

When I searched the web i found it even on a japanese blog.

Have a great day!


miimoblogger said...

its really nice. looks amazing in your livingroom, what a find!

reveriefrance said...

The mood of the painting is intreaging. I love the forget me nots. It reminds me of my grandmother who loved them so.

Anne Arnold Pierce said...

stunning interpretation of forgetmeknots.

janneke said...

may i ask where did you buy it?
very beautiful!

öppning said...

Thanks a lot for your comments!

Janneke to answer your question: I found on a fleemarket here in Berlin :)