April 20, 2012

New Home

As some of you may already know, "New Home" is a recurring topic on our blog. The idea is to show items we have sold in our shop in their new home. For that we count on our kind clients to send us a picture :)
Today we would like to present this magnificent display stand that went straight to Japan!
You can see that our lovely customer has great taste for vintage objects. Check out these suitcases, handbag and dress!


tracy said...

Great idea & love the pictures from this customer~very art like!

öppning said...

Thanks !
I agree, we have very talented customers :)

Unknown said...
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yheraluna said...

I absolutely LOVE this stand! The other one you have with three tiers is also AMAZING! I have a few things I want on your Etsy and would appreciate the certificate. I WISH I was born in Europe... you have such beautiful taste! Thank you!

öppning said...

Thank you, you are so kind !
Only a few days left before the draw !