March 10, 2012

So long Moebius ! :'I

First of all we would like to have a thought for Japan, The earthquake took place one year ago today.

Today Moebius passed away...
His real name was actually Jean Giraud and he was an amazing artist. He wasn't just a comic book painter, he was a real genius. He had his own very personal style and inspired so many film makers and artists of all kinds. And he actually worked on films like Alien, Tron or The Abyss. Here are a few samples of his work:
We especially recommend "L'incal" a serie of 6 books, and "Le Monde d'Edena", 5 books. But there would be so much of his work to recommend, if not everything he did.
He was also very famous for his more traditional work Blueberry that he used to sign with his real name, Jean Giraud.
Funny story, Moebius was a big fan of Miyazaki who was a big fan of ... Moebius :)

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