February 28, 2011

Berlin capital of vintage ?

Here in Berlin, vintage is a way of life.
It's a common tradition to go to the flea market on Sundays. There are lots of them everywhere in this huge city. Berliners go there to find furniture, clothes for the whole family, home decor or whatever object they can use for their underground art project. Berliners also like to rent a stand and sell their own stuff every once in a while. The best time to do that is in spring, with a bunch of friends and a nice picnic. People sell all the stuff that don't fit anymore or that they want to get rid of, and sometimes treasures found in Grandma’s cellar. Some of them sell all the stuff that they bought on flea markets during the year, to make some room to buy some more cool stuff from the markets again…
Vintage in Berlin is not just about the flea markets or the shops which are everywhere. But also cafés, restaurants and even night clubs or cinemas.
Almost every café we know is decorated with vintage furniture and dishes. When you go out for a “Kaffe und Kuchen” with some friends, you often have the choice between sitting in a cool vintage Formica chair or drowning into a big old rusty sofa. And all the cups are different from one another.

People love to dress in vintage too: at the moment the BIG trend are vintage glasses.
This overwhelming vintage atmosphere in Berlin comes from its history and architecture. The wall fell in 1989 and ever since, all kinds of objects from former DDR became collectibles. People cherish them, and give them the chance to fulfill their purpose again and again.

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